TYN Feng Shui | Consultation
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General Feng Shui Consultant

Select the best date and hour for caesarean sectionRM120.00Select the best Bazi before caesarean sectionRM800.00
Bazi marriage evolution (couple)RM380.00Bazi destiny analysis (throughout the year)RM130.00
Best date selection for marriageRM200.00Bazi analysis on marriage / healthRM160.00
Best date selection for shifting / placing statue / a new opening (business)RM80.00Bazi analysis on career and personal luck throughout the 10 years (speak face-to-face)RM260.00
Best date selection for moving in a house / renovationRM130.00Bazi analysis on love, career and personal luck throughout the 10 years (speak face-to-face)RM380.00
Rename / create a name for newbornRM150.00Bazi analysis on personal auspicious sitting direction in the house (including degree)RM300.00
Kid's health outlook analysisRM150.00Bazi analysis on personal auspicious sitting direction in the houseRM230.00
Create a name for signboard (act in concert with Bazi)RM200.00Purple Star Astrology analysis on personal and career (speak face-to-face)RM300.00
Create a vehicle registration number (act in concert Bazi)RM150.00Purple Star Astrology analysis on annual outlook, career and wealth (speak face-to-face)Rm398.00
Financial analysis by using Purple Star Astrology (speak face-to-face)RM398.00Feng Shui arrangement on usher good luck and eliminate bad luckRM230.00
Predict your luck in gaining a windfall and tips for lotteryRM25.00Sell a house or rent a houseRM300.00
Remark: For non-local people, only when you have received our approval letter, you may call us to make appoitment for face-to-face conversation or through the phone.


Yin House / Yang House Feng Shui Price List

Single storey house (three bedrooms)RM3,280.00 aboveFactory / Shop (below 2000 meters)RM3,680.00 above
Three-bedroom condominiumRM2,680.00 aboveAnalysis based on floor plan & pictures (single storey house)RM1,500.00 above
Semi-detached double storey houseRM4,080.00 aboveAnalysis based on floor plan & pictures (double storey house)RM2,000.00 above
Bungalow / detached houseRM4,880.00 aboveSmall shop / factory (below 1400 meters)RM3,280.00 above
Date selection apply the art of Qi Men Dun JiaRM500.00
Remark: Prices shown above are available for KL area while addtional surcharge is applicable for other locations.